Storytelling Presentation


 ASSIGNMENT: You will be writing and telling the class a story using lots of detail and some of the literary devices we have learned.

CONTENT: Often, some of the best stories revolve around something unexpected happening and how people react to that.

The story can be fictional or nonfictional, reality or imagination. It must include AT LEAST 5 examples of figurative language (you can choose any 5 from those we learned). Personification, Metaphor, Simile, Onomatopoeia, or Hyperbole.


The story must have:

  • Beginning- start the story off by grabbing our attention!!
  • Middle- DETAILS and more DETAILS! What happened? What went wrong? How did you feel?
  • End- Wrap up the story. Have a resolution. How did it get fixed? Don’t leaving us hanging.

DELIVERY : You will get two notecards to use during the presentation. You can either put your whole story on these, or use them as notes. Be prepared, and practice your story. You DO NOT have to read this like a book report, it should be as if you’re almost acting out your story. Be expressive!

TIME LIMIT: Your presentation should be 3-4 minutes.


  • Content: Figurative language examples are used, appropriate for classroom
  • Organization: Has clear beginning, middle, and end
  • Delivery: Shows preparation, effective posture, spoke clearly, gave best effort


  • Presentation
  • Hard Copy of story (either notecard or original) with literary device examples labeled correctly.





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